Therapeutic Training Routines Course

Book 1 of the Narconon Vista Bay program is called The Therapeutic Training Routines Course. These are exercises that are designed to help an addict immensely, right after the Withdrawal program. This course addresses very basic and fundamental problems that all people, (but especially addicts) need in order to get along in life: The abilities to confront, control and communicate with people and the world around them.

Think about a child who is frustrated, he is having a difficult time controlling a situation. When a parent tries to help him, the child lacks the skills to communicate what is going on and the difficulties he is having. Rather than confronting the situation and relaying what is going on and tackling the obstacle, he shuts down and hides in his room or, as a teenager, gets in his car and drives away. He doesn’t care where he goes, he just wants to go away from the problem. Unfortunately, this never solves the problem and the only way to effectively deal with issues in life is by having the confidence to confront them. Then by being able to communicate with others, he can then bring about some control over the situation. It doesn’t matter if the situation is dealing with a death or a math test, the cycle is the same.

These skills are essential for positive interaction with others and one’s ability to handle any difficult situations in life. Narconon Vista Bay students will learn how to effectively communicate their own ideas, understand and acknowledge the ideas of others, as well as their ability to confront uncomfortable subjects, relationships, and circumstances. Doing this as the first course gives them a huge set of skills with which to use in the rest of the program, as well as in life outside of treatment.

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