The Ups and Downs in Life Course

Book 5 of the Narconon Vista Bay program is called The Ups and Downs in Life Course. It is very common for drugs addicts to experience life as a constant roller-coaster of “doing well in life, doing bad, doing great, not doing well.” This can manifest itself in “getting clean, relapsing, getting clean, relapsing,” or “being happy, being depressed, being happy, being depressed.” The constant ups and downs really wear a person down and the next down leads them back to drugs, often worse than before. The problem is that the addict doesn’t realize there are reasons WHY they start doing badly and if they could recognize and address them, it would turn things around.

The Ups and Downs in Life Course provides the student with information on why this pattern happens to so many people, especially addicts. The course also teaches the student practical exercises so that they can spot the condition and then effectively handle this situation so it doesn’t continue.

A key component to this course is giving the student the ability to recognize who their true friends are. With that, the student is also given insight into who their friends aren’t. Believe it or not, many people who tried to get clean before then try to go and socialize with drug dealers because they were “friends” in the past. Whether that is true or not, any rational person would see that the addict is playing with fire. It is too big of a risk to put yourself into a situation like that. On this course, the student learns how he can address influential (but negative) people in a way that is positive and does not put their sobriety or life at risk. This is a vital tool in recovery from drug addiction.

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