The New Life Detoxification Program

Book 2 in the Narconon Vista Bay program is very unique and called the New Life Detoxification Program. Scientific studies and medical autopsies have proven that toxic residuals stay stored in an individual’s fat tissue long after they have stopped using drugs or alcohol. These residuals then have the ability to reactivate themselves into the blood stream and cause physical cravings for the drugs. Unfortunately, street drugs are not the only type of residual which gets lodged in fat tissue; studies have shown that other toxic substances (medicinal drugs, pesticides, herbicides, radiation, food preservatives, etc.) can get lodged as well. These toxic substances can also cause some pretty horrific effects as well.

In how this applies to drug addiction, let’s say an addict stops using heroin for a few months. They decide to get in shape so they go to the gym. While riding a stationary bike their body starts to burn fat. Small amounts of drug residuals, which are being stored in the fatty tissue, get released into the blood stream. The individual’s body gets a small “taste” of this drug residual; it isn’t enough to get them intoxicated. However, the drugs which have been reactivated have now caused (consciously or unconsciously) a very intense desire to get more of the drug. Give a child only a teaspoon of ice cream and see what happens; they want more! Give an addict a little bit of their drug and see what happens; they want more!

Through the use of vitamins, minerals, exercise and sweating in a dry sauna the New Life Detoxification Program flushes these drug residuals out of the person’s body. Once complete with this program the person’s body is now even cleaner now than it was before they used drugs, considering not only street drugs but all toxic substances are now released. This is not a one or two day sweat out, the entire program takes an average of 2-4 weeks every day. The entire time the students are in this part of the program, they are constantly monitored by staff to ensure the student is always safe and receiving all of the benefits available.

The New Life Detoxification Program has that title for a reason: after completing this portion of the program students often report they have a “New Life.” It is very common for people to say that they feel like they were 12 years old again, before they ever started taking drugs. Their body is nutritionally balanced, they sleep well and have natural energy. Since they feel so great physically after the New Life Detoxification Program, they understand that they were basically poisoned from drugs and now they have had that removed and they understand that taking drugs again will only re-poison their body. At the end of this program the parents typically tell us that their child “finally sounds like themselves again” and no longer like that “drug person” they had become.

Though this is an extremely important and revolutionary tool towards recovery, there is still a lot of work to do in handling the full scope of the addiction. Remember, besides the physical there are also mental and emotional issues to address. However, because the student is feeling so good physically after the New Life Detoxification Program, they are actually excited to move forward.

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