The Learning Improvment Course

Book 3 of the Narconon Vista Bay program is called The Learning Improvement Course. It is very short in duration, but extremely powerful in application. It does just as it’s title states: improves the student’s ability to learn. It is very common for an addict to have had trouble in school as a child and have “felt stupid” and decided that they weren’t a good student and turn to drugs. Or even worse, a student could have been misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD and been given a drug to “help them”. Drugs are never a long-term solution and very often kids who were given Ritalin or Adderall in school turn into methamphetamine addicts. The drugs are practically the same after all.

If this happened to your loved one, it doesn’t mean they can’t recover or learn why they were having such trouble. In fact, it often helps an addict realize that he or she wasn’t “stupid”, but just had barriers to study that they didn’t know about at the time. It is very common for us to hear “I wish I would have had this in school” or “I’m going to teach my kids this stuff so they can learn better”.

A person’s ability to retain and understand information plays a major role in their success in life; whether it is reading a book, listening to a conversation, watching a movie, going to school, learning a new job, etc. If a person cannot quickly retain information their competency in life is drastically decreased, leading to decreased confidence and self-worth.

The Learning Improvement Course teaches a student the following:

  • How to recognize when you do not comprehend something so that you can address it instead of “checking out”.
  • The negative effects of not understanding something, leading to not wanting to study a subject at all.
  • The tools needed to be able to comprehend information and be able to apply that information to life.
  • How one can truly succeed in life if they apply study tools and put in the time to really understand the data.

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