Personal Values and Integrity Course

Book 6 of the Narconon Vista Bay program is called the Personal Values and Integrity Course. Prior to ever turning into a drug addict, young adults tend to do things they are not proud of and feel a great sense of shame and guilt.
As a child, it could have been something as small as stealing a piece of candy or a dollar and no one ever found out about it. They then become unwilling to communicate what is going on with them because they don’t want to hurt the feelings of their parents or close friends. This leads them down a sort of dwindling spiral: withdrawing from family and friends, getting “upset” easily, feeling shame and guilt which leads to low self-worth and causes them to continue doing those same bad acts. Until this is handled, the individual is not going to succeed in life.

The Personal Values and Integrity Course helps the student take responsibility for his past bad acts. Once they take full responsibility for these bad acts, they cease to commit them anymore. This can be a difficult process were it not for the previous courses which build up the student’s self-confidence and ability to confront and communicate. Often a student will realize that their “deep dark secret” which was keeping them feeling guilt and shame was not really that big of a deal and something that most people go through. Once the sense on honesty and responsibility is restored, the student will often wonder why they made themselves so miserable by something that wasn’t that significant.

Regardless of the past, one does not succeed in life as a victim. It is common for an addict to turn around and use guilt against their parents or friends and talk about all the horrible things done to them and that’s why they are in this condition. At certain times an addict may try to convince you that it is your fault he is an addict, but it is false. Through this course the students at Narconon Vista Bay are able to establish how they are responsible for the condition they are in. One is much happier in life when he is responsible, not when he the victim.

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