What type of food is served at Narconon Vista Bay ?

Every day three meals are served, with a snack served around 3pm. Fresh fruit, cereal, oatmeal, etc. are available at all times. Breakfast normally consists of eggs, bacon, toast, juice, pancakes, waffles, hash browns, oatmeal, etc. Click here to see a sample menu.

I am a Vegetarian/Vegan. Will I be able to continue eating that way?

Yes. Our chefs will be more than happy to accommodate you dietary needs.

What items should I bring with me?

Below is a sample list of things that a student will need for their stay. Bedding is provided for you; however, you are welcome to bring your own (twin size). Laundry facilities are provided for each individual to use once a week so students should bring enough clothing for seven days of useSAMPLE LIST OF PERSONAL ITEMS:

2 medium to large suitcases 1 pair of flip flops (for sauna)
2 towels for bathing 1-2 bathing suits (for sauna/swimming) 5 jeans or pants 1-2 work out attire
7 shirts 1 set of toiletries (bathing/grooming)
2 sweatshirts 3 shorts 7 underwear and socks 1 mp3 player / iPod 1 heavy jacket (fall or winter) 1 alarm clock 1 light jacket (spring or summer) 1-3 books (novels, etc.) 1 pair of running shoes
1 laundry bag

Why are clients referred to as students?

Narconon Vista Bay does not believe drug addiction is an incurable disease. Therefore, we do not view our clients as a “patient with a disease.” Narconon Vista Bay utilizes a type of program which falls under the category of Social-Education, Cognitive Behavior, and Life Skills therapy. With that in mind, we view our clients as people who need to learn how to live without drugs; not some patient with a nasty disease. Therefore, we refer to our clients as “students.”

Why is The Narconon Vista Bay program so effective?

The Narconon Vista Bay Vista Bay program is set-up on a gradient scale so that as a student progresses through the program their ability to face and handle their problems increases. Each step builds on itself and helps the student to handle the next step of the program. For example, we do not expect someone just coming down from the Withdrawal Program to be able to fully confront all of their issues which led to drug usage, this takes time and requires the full Narconon Vista Bay Drug Rehabilitation Program. The first issue the Narconon Vista Bay program deals with is handling the student’s body. This is done by means of the Withdrawal program, a Communication Course and the New Life Detoxification Program (sauna sweat-out). Once the student’s body is rehabilitated, we then address the mental aspects of addiction. The latter courses of the program deal with helping the student to be able to deal with their own lives in their current environment, to not be weighed down by past bad experiences, and to take responsibility for their past misdeeds as well as fix them so they no longer commit harmful acts.

How is the Narconon Vista Bay program different from other treatment programs?

In the Narconon Vista Bay Vista Bay program, an addiction to one drug is not simply replaced with a dependency upon another drug. A substance abuser or user is brought to a point where he is actually free from any compulsion to take drugs or alcohol. The Narconon Vista Bay Vista Bay program is often referred to as the most complete drug rehabilitation program in existence. This is not to say that other programs or systems have not successfully gotten people off drugs or alcohol. But the Narconon Vista Bay Vista Bay program brings a number of innovations to the field of drug rehabilitation.

How is the Narconon Vista Bay program different from 12-Step programs?

12-Step programs believe that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease which is incurable. Narconon Vista Bay believes the individual can overcome drug and alcohol addiction and get to the point of no longer feeling a need or compulsion to take drugs or alcohol. We believe a person can be fully in control of their own life and that they are not “powerless” over anything. But with the proper treatment the student can be cured of drug addiction.

The Narconon Vista Bay Drug Rehab Program stresses personal responsibility and change at the core of its Life-Skills techniques. We have seen many clients who have completed a multitude of traditional rehabilitation programs, only to continue to fail. When they come here, they agree with our methods and respond wonderfully to these distinctions, and therefore be able to completely recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Does Narconon Vista Bay have any religious affiliation?

Narconon Vista Bay does not have any religious affiliation. We pay no fees or tithes to any church. We are a fully independent, non-religious, drug rehabilitation program serving students of all faiths.

Is there a connection between Narconon Vista Bay and Scientology?

No. There is not any organizational connection between Narconon Vista Bay and the Church of Scientology. These are completely separate organizations. However, we are licensed to use the works of L. Ron Hubbard in a secularized (non-religious) manner aimed solely at helping individuals overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. Staff members come from all religious backgrounds and the only connection is the materials we use to help people overcome addiction.

How is L Ron Hubbard associated with the Narconon program?

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Why is the Narconon sometimes considered controversial?

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Is the Narconon Vista Bay open to anyone?

Unfortunately, it isn’t. There are various reasons which would inhibit a person from enrolling into our program. When you speak with one of our intake counselors they will do an assessment to determine if the Narconon Vista Bay program is a fit for you. If the Narconon Vista Bay program isn’t a correct fit, our intake counselors will be more than happy to give you a referral to another program. On average Narconon Vista Bay receives 800 calls per week (that is not a typo) from people requesting help. Of those 800 about 1% of them enroll. The rest are referred to other programs.

How long does the program take to complete?

The Narconon Vista Bay program does not have a set length, unlike other programs which typically run 30 days. A person progresses through the program at his or her own rate. The minimum time taken to complete the program is about three months. Between three and five months is the usual length as some people need more time to recover fully and develop the drug-free life skills they are going to rely on once they are home again.

Narconon Bay Vista Bay has a success rate of over 70%. How is this calculated?

Narconon Vista Bay has a Graduate Success Officer. This job entails staying in close contact with our graduates to ensure they are staying clean and meeting their goals in life. The Graduate Success Officer keeps track of Narconon Vista Bay’s Success Rate based on responses from the graduates and/or their families. Students who leave prior to completing the Narconon Vista Bay program are not calculated into the Success statistic.

After completing the program the student will have telephone conversations with the Graduate Success Officer at least two times per week. If there are any signs of struggle the Graduate Success Officer assesses what needs to be done and guides the student to get back on track. After six months the Graduate Success Officer evaluates how those first six months went and puts a plan into place for how often they need to stay in contact.

If a student relapses to drugs they are removed from the Success Rate statistic. If the student falls out of contact with the Graduate Success Officer and we cannot get in touch with their loved ones, that student is taken off the Success Rate statistic.

When a student has been in contact with the Graduate Success Officer as mandated by their treatment plan but reverts after graduating the program, Narconon Vista Bay offers to the student and their loved ones a chance to bring them back for up to 30 days for a custom review program, FREE OF CHARGE.

Is the New Life Detoxification Program (sauna sweat-out) safe?

Yes! The New Life Detoxification Program has been in use since the 1970’s. There have been countless independent studies which validate the effectiveness and safety of the program. Many of these research papers can be found on our Studies and Results page. Before starting the New Life Detoxification Program all participants get approval from a medical doctor who is well informed on the program’s regimen and the physical health requirements for a student to complete it. During participation in the program, students are closely monitored by our Registered Addiction Specialists who oversee the sauna, as well as their Case Supervisor and our on-site nurse.

Is Niacin safe?

Yes, niacin (Vitamin B3) is safe. There are two types of niacin; one is “instant release,” (meaning the body instantly absorbs the vitamin); the other is a “sustained-release,” (meaning the body slowly absorbs the vitamins over a period of many hours). In general medicine niacin is used to treat high cholesterol, however studies show it also helps to break-up stored toxins in fat tissue. General medicine utilizes both types of niacin. Narconon Vista Bay ONLY uses instant-release. In high dosages, sustained-release niacin has been proven to cause liver damage. Thankfully, instant-release niacin when taken properly does not cause any liver damage (or damage of any type); the only negative effects of instant-release niacin are a hot, prickly sensation.

Click Here for additional data on the safety of instant-release niacin.

Is The Narconon Vista Bay program expensive?

No, it isn’t. The Narconon Vista Bay program usually takes between 4-6 months to complete. With a five month average the monthly cost of the program is around $7,000. This includes room and board, vitamins, course materials and delivery of the program.

There are many programs out there that charge $20,000-$30,000 or MUCH more for just 28 days! It may seem like a lot upfront but with what is included and the amount of time a student spends here it is actually very cheap when compared to other facilities in the Drug Rehabilitation industry, especially when you consider that the staff and facilities are in California.

Narconon Vista Bay is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. All funds collected by Narconon Vista Bay must be used solely for the operation of our organization. There are no owners or share-holders.

What is Narconon Vista Bay’s view on the use of psychiatric drugs?

Drugs are essentially poisons. The degree they are taken determines the effect. A small amount acts as a stimulant. A greater amount acts as a sedative. A larger amount acts as a poison and can kill one dead. This is true of any drug. Each has a different amount at which it gives those results. Psychiatry disorders are not medical diseases. There is no lab test, brain scan, x-rays or chemical imbalance test to prove that theory. This does not mean people don’t get depressed, anxious, or experience mental distress.

Many times psychiatric drugs change the chemical structure of the brain. Imagine going to a doctor and him telling you that he has a “feeling” your heart isn’t operating properly. You ask how he knows that but he says it’s just what he thinks but cannot prove it scientifically. He wants to put you on drugs that will alter your heart. It has a long list of possible side-effects; even as bad as suicidal thoughts (actually a long list of psychotropic drugs can double the risk of suicide). Would you take this drug? No, of course not! This is essentially what psychiatry is doing when it claims the “chemical imbalance” theory.

Despite the claims of psychiatrists that drugs are a “cure-all,” at best they cover up what is really wrong, and at worst, actually cause harm. Psychiatric drugs were created to quickly “cure” the person. This “quickie” mentality has led the psychiatric industry to not even attempt to isolate what is really wrong with the individual; therefore they never get to the root cause of the problem. Add to that the fact that prescription drugs are incredibly profitable, and you can see the obvious conflict.

The real answer is to handle the source of one’s troubles and this can be effectively done without drugs, as was done for centuries before.

What is Narconon Vista Bay’s view on drugs which are prescribed for health benefits?

Drugs that are prescribed for health benefits, such as antibiotics, blood pressure medicine, epilepsy medicine, etc. are viewed as totally acceptable for use during the Narconon Vista Bay program provided this has been checked by a medical doctor. There are definitely drugs out there which are much more beneficial than their side-effects and help the person deal with a bodily illness or other conditions. We understand that there are situations where a drug is necessary, but we disagree that a drug actually CURES a mental problem.

What one-on-one counseling does Narconon Vista Bay offer?

When you think of “One-on-One Counseling” you often think of the psychiatrist sitting across from you asking questions about you and your life. Narconon Vista Bay does not utilize the methods of psychiatry or psychology in its treatment. Traditional counseling, in the psychiatric sense, allows for a great deal of subjectivity. Often times one-on-one counseling introduces evaluations, such as, “The reason you don’t like your wife is because when you were eight years old your mother and father fought a lot.” This type of evaluation is just that, an evaluation, which may be nice to ponder on an intellectual level but when dealing with addiction we cannot afford to be wrong. Besides, no one knows more than the person himself what the cause of their problems might be. Narconon Vista Bay understands the student is the one who can develop the insight and power to figure out how to overcome their problems and learn to live a better life. The program will give the student training, insightful materials, information, and exercises, which help them to discover the source of their problems. Narconon Vista Bay uses a standard set of materials with a standard set of outcomes designed to provide the best chance of having any unresolved issues handled. Whether you took cocaine, heroin or alcohol, you had things in your life that led up to that moment and that is what the student uncovers for himself or herself.

All throughout the Narconon Vista Bay program, our students are regularly meeting and working directly with staff to successfully navigate repairing the past and preparing for the future. At the same time, many of our courses require students to work with each other, or to simply study materials which are designed to help them gain more control over their lives.

If there is ever an issue that a student needs to resolve that isn’t being addressed in the particular step of the program they are on, we have a number of Registered Addiction Specialists available that can work directly with the student, to help them to resolve their issues, and get them back to moving on their program successfully.

Why is there a 10 day blackout on communicating with those outside of treatment?

This is quite common in the drug rehabilitation industry. Through many years of experience, we have discovered that the first 10 days of drug withdrawal is extremely difficult. During this time cravings for drugs can be at an all-time high. Unfortunately, these strong cravings have caused people to leave the program and return to drug use. It is often very difficult for the families as the addict may often try to manipulate parents into taking them out of treatment. During this time a person usually isn’t as stable as they will become. Upsetting news or conversations from home can have a horrendous effect.

Very often, drug rehab centers have much stricter regulations regarding contact with the outside world. Some restrict calls to once a week and others disallow calls for the entire length of the program.

The 10 day blackout period is meant to help a person get more comfortable being here and working with the staff without any added stress from home, or being dependent upon others outside of the program. It also helps when the person has an intense craving for drugs; they don’t have any means of calling someone to come get them so that they can return to using.

Are students required to work for Narconon Vista Bay after graduating the program?

Absolutely not! Narconon Vista Bay’s goal is to get the individual off of drugs, not to provide employment. Any student has the opportunity to fill out an application for employment but under no circumstance will they be pressured to join staff. If there is space for employment and the student has run a very good program they may be considered to join the Narconon Vista Bay Trainee Program.

What is the Trainee Program?

The Trainee Program is a 90 Day program whereby the individual is neither a student or staff member. The individual gets basic staff training part of the time and the other part of the time they are helping various areas of the organization.

Before someone joins staff they are required to go through the Trainee Program. Working for Narconon Vista Bay is not for everyone; it entails long work days and sometimes very difficult work, although it is extremely rewarding to help others. The Trainee program gives the individual and Narconon Vista Bay an opportunity to determine if working here is a good fit.

If an individual successfully completes the trainee program and is accepted as an employee, they are given an entry level position and placed on a regimen of specialized training and may be eventually accepted to for a Registered Addiction Specialist internship (RASi).

How long has Narconon Vista Bay been business?

In October, 1992 Narconon Vista Bay opened its doors about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz, California. In 1999 the current facility in Watsonville, California was purchased. Due to our success in handling drug addiction, we have grown into needing even more room, and had to purchase two more facilities; one in Placerville, California and another in South Lake Tahoe, California. All of these facilities operate under the organization Narconon Vista Bay, though they are licensed separately.

Are the staff certified to be Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselors?

Yes. Many staff at Narconon Vista Bay Rehab are Registered Addiction Specialists (RAS), which is an accreditation accepted by the State of California. Those who aren’t currently accredited are working diligently toward that goal which consists of education and supervised work experience. Each of the staff with the RAS accreditation are required to take regular continuing education units to stay current with innovations in the field of drug and alcohol recovery.

Over 35% of our staff are certified Registered Addiction Specialists and/or Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors. This is well over what is required by the State of California.

What sort of medical staff does Narconon Vista Bay have?

Narconon Vista Bay employs a full-time Registered Nurse. Also, numerous times per week various Nurse Practitioners come to the facility to meet with students and assist with any medical-related issues.

Can I see a doctor or go to the hospital if need be?

Absolutely. If a student requests to be taken to a doctor or the hospital, our staff will see to it that they are transported without delay. Narconon Vista Bay will not bear the expense for any medical treatment given.

Is Narconon Vista Bay certified to be a Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation center?

Yes. Narconon Vista Bay has its licenses and certifications through the State of California, Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs.

Are the staff ex-addicts?

Not all Narconon Vista Bay staff members are ex-drug addicts. We have some staff members who never had a need to do a drug rehabilitation program but who have a strong desire to help and are therefore perfect for working in the recovery field.

With that said, many of our staff have gone through the Narconon Vista Bay program. Throughout their program they observed how much the Narconon Vista Bay program helps addicts, and have decided to become a staff member to help with the cause of saving lives.

This practice of employing former drug addicts and alcoholics is not unique to Narconon Vista Bay. Industry wide, you will find substance abuse treatment facilities staffed by recovered addicts who are rewarded by helping others to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Having staff members who can relate to the students goes a very long way in treating drug addiction. Drug addicts sometimes have trust issues, therefore knowing the staff have had similar experiences and have gotten themselves out of the drug addiction trap often serves as inspiration for the students.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is fully adhered to by Narconon Vista Bay. We will not release any information about you or your stay at Narconon Vista Bay Vista Bay without your written consent. Any students or families on the website or in promotional materials gave their express permission beforehand.

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